Computerized Water Analysis

Water AnalysisSwimKing offers FREE computerized water analysis for your pool or spa. Our state-of-the-art Color Quick 3 system uses technology borrowed from the medical field that ensures you the most accurate results possible. A typical analysis takes less than 2 minutes and is done while you wait. Our computer then generates a highly accurate analysis of your water, complete with step-by-step instructions on how to dispense the chemicals, ensuring you a balanced, sanitary pool or spa. Unlike home test kits, our system not only tests chlorine and pH levels, it also tests the alkalinity, hardness, stabilizer, free and total chlorine.

SwimKing's staff participate in frequent seminars that keep us up to date on the latest methods used in pool water treatment. It is recommended that you have your water analyzed when you open your pool, before adding any chemicals. It is further recommended that you have your water tested no less than twice per month during the swimming season and before closing your pool.

We have found over the years that customers who have their water analyzed more frequently experience little or no trouble with algae, bacteria, or other chemical balance problems. We also find that customers that test their water frequently typically spend less money on chemicals than those customers who only have their water analyzed when there is a problem.

Simply put, an ounce of prevention will save you pounds of chlorine and other chemicals.

For your information, the proper ranges are as follows:

pH 7.2 - 7.6
Free Chlorine 1.0 - 3.0
Cyanuric Acid  25 - 100
Total Alkalinity  100 - 150
Total Hardness  150 - 300
Iron  0 - 0
Total Chlorine  1.0 - 3.0
Copper  0 - 0

NOTE: Use chemicals as directed. Failure to do so may cause injury or damage. Never mix any chemicals together. Apply all chemicals separately. Maintain water circulation for at least 4 hours after adding chemicals. Store chemicals in a cool, dry area. Keep containers sealed and secured. Always remove algae and debris and clean filter before adding chemicals to pool.

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