Filter Operation for Hayward EC-40

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  1. Make sure water level is at least 1/2 way up skimmer opening in the pool.
  2. Open air relief valve on top of the filter to allow filter tank and pump strainer to fill (pump strainer does not have to fill up completely right now, once the pump is turned on it will fill completely). Once water comes out of air relief valve, tighten it back up.
  3. Turn pump on. (NOTE: Switch is on back of pump.)
  4. Slowly pour (6) 13 oz. cans (approx. 4 lbs.) of DE (Diatomaceous Earth) into the skimmer. Do not touch basket or weir door (flapper) in the skimmer while adding D.E. a 1 lb. D.E. scoop is available at SwimKing if an empty coffee can is not available.
  5. Take note of the reading on the pressure gauge. It should read between 8 & 14 lbs. This will now be your normal running pressure. You will also notice extreme water pressure returning to the pool from the filter. The reading on the pressure gauge and the amount of water returning to the pool are both factors in determining if your filter is running correctly.
  6. When the pressure rises 8-10 lbs. Over your normal running pressure you should also notice a decrease in water flow back into the pool. At this point you will need to regenerate the D.E. in your filter.
TO REGENERATE: (Also called bumping the filter)
  1. Turn pump off
  2. Ease bump handle down
  3. Raise bump handle rapidly
  4. Repeat 4 - 5 times.
  5. Turn pump back on
    (NOTE: Directions to regenerate filter are also located on filter lid)
6. If within 72 hours the pressure on the gauge is back up to 8-10 lbs. over your normal running pressure, then changing the D.E. in your filter is necessary. TO CHANGE YOUR D.E.:
  1. Turn pump off
  2. Bump the filter (see regenerating the filter)
  3. Open valve at bottom of filter
  4. As water pumps through filter, bump the filter a few times whenever water is clear coming out of valve. Once water stays clear while bumping filter, then:
  5. Turn valve off
  6. Turn pump back on
  7. Slowly pour (5) 13 oz coffee cans of D.E. into skimmer. (NOTE: If using 1 lb. D.E. scoop add 3 1/2 scoops)
Pressure on your gauge should return to your normal running pressure.

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