Download printable instructions

  1. Items needed to vacuum your pool:
    • Vacuum pole
    • Vacuum head
    • Vacuum hose
    • SkimVac adapter plate
  2. Attach vacuum head to the vacuum pole by sliding handle inside the pole and clicking spring adapter pins through holes on vacuum pole.
  3. Attach swivel end of vacuum hose to vacuum head by sliding it over hose fitting on the vacuum head.
  4. Turn filter and pump off so you can remove the wire door from the skimmer by pinching ears on the door together.
  5. Turn filter and pump back on and put vacuum pole, head and hose in the pool.
  6. Hold the open end of the hose over the returning water flow to the pool, filling the hose completely. You should see air being purged from the hose and being released from the vacuum head. Once the air bubbles stop coming out of the vacuum head, you know the hose is completely filled with water.
  7. Attach skim-vac adapter to the open end of the hose, slide it through the skimmer opening inside the pool and lower it over the skimmer basket. If the skim-vac adapter plate is attached correctly, no water will be moving through the skimmer, only through the vacuum head and hose.
  8. Slide vacuum head slowly along the pool bottom. Going too fast will disturb the dirt, sand and silt on the bottom and re-vacuuming will be necessary.
  9. Once you are through vacuuming your pool, you must turn the filter and pump off so that the skim-vac adapter plate will release off of the skimmer basket.
  10. Re-install skimmer wire door.
  11. Turn pump and filter back on.
  12. Remove and drain your vacuum hose, head, and pole.
  13. Notice the pressure on your filter gauge. A regeneration or a change of the D.E. may be necessary.