SwimKing's professional staff of highly-trained technicians will, by appointment, arrange to provide the labor to open or close your residential pool. Due to the seasonal nature of our business and the high demands of our service, it is strongly recommended that you schedule this work as early as possible. For more information, please call us at 845-336-7946 or send us an email.

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For the do-it-yourselfer, we offer these tips to winterize or close your pool. If you just got a new pool, or if you are opening your pool for a new season, here's how to start it up and do it right. Follow these simple steps or download printable instructions:

24 hours before covering your pool:

  1. Adjust the total alkalinity of the water; if low, add the recommended dosage of SwimKing ALKALINITY PLUS. The alkalinity of your pool should be 80 - 150 ppm.
  2. Next it is necessary to adjust the pH. Your pool's pH should be 7.2 to 7.8; to adjust this, add pH PLUS or pH MINUS as needed.
  3. To prevent etching of the plaster and corrosion of any metal parts, make sure the calcium hardness is not too low. The recommended level is 150 to 300 ppm. If necessary, add SWIMKING CALCIUM BOOSTER.
  4. Now perform all your pool housekeeping chores: brush the walls of the pool, vacuum the pool, and clean the water line and coping with PHOENIX TILE & VINYL CLEANER. Clean out the skimmer basket(s) and the pump's hair and lint trap.
  5. To prevent bacterial growth during the winter months, mix and dissolve a treatment of CHLORINE SHOCK in a 5-gallon bucket filled with water. Dissolve completely and slowly. Pour the liquid solution directly into the pool. (See our representative for the correct dosage.) REMEMBER: The filter must be running to help circulate the pool water and chemicals.
  6. Now add OXY CLEAN. This oxidizes and destroys water-soluble, non-filterable swimmer waste. For round pools 15' and 18', use one pound. All other pool sizes, use 2 pounds. OXY CLEAN should be added to the pool using the same method as CHLORINE SHOCK. (See paragraph 5).
  7. For the last time this season, you now add SUPER POOL PRUF CLARIFIER. This will coagulate microscopic suspended particles and allow the filter to capture them.
  8. To properly mix these chemicals, allow your filtration system to run for 12 to 24 hours.
  9. Using your vacuum hose as a siphon, lower the level of the pool water 1" to 2" below the skimmer housing. For inground pools, lower water level just below all returns. This is required for proper winterization of the underground lines.
  10. When the pump and filter are not operating, and in the "off season" mode, any algae growth will have the opportunity to "run wild." Prevent this from happening by adding SWIMKING WINTERCIDE. (Once again, consult with our representative for exact dosage).
  11. Next, disconnect the filter system from the pool. Drain and clean the filter tank. Your DIATOMACEOUS EARTH filter should be cleaned and inspected. The filter should be disassembled and the flex tubes bathed in a solution of MURIATIC ACID and water. (Note: SwimKing will clean your DIATOMACEOUS EARTH filter for a nominal fee.
  12. Since your filter pump will be shut down for approximately 8 months, it is VERY IMPORTANT to use CALGON PUMP PROTECTOR. This will help prevent corrosive deposits from forming on the impeller and other close tolerance areas that can cause the pump to bind. CALGON PUMP PROTECTOR prevents corrosion build-up and also lubricates the pump so that it starts right up in the spring. Follow the easy instructions on the back of the can.
  13. Install stainless steel winter plate on above ground pools.
  14. For inground pools, insert a GIZZMO DEVICE inside the inground skimmer.
  15. Remove the "EYEBALL" directional fitting from the pool (Note: if you have any problem, use the Hayward SP-1419-T removal tool.)
  16. Insert the winter plugs as needed.
  17. Inflate the air pillow and secure the pillow in the approximate center of your aboveground pool. DO NOT OVER-INFLATE. (Note: Inground pools do not require air pillows).
  18. FINALLY, COVER THE POOL. A well-designed pool cover will keep your pool relatively clean and free of debris, leaves and dirt. Secure the cover on the pool with a cable and locking device. Note: Deck pools with walkarounds and inground pools will require SwimKing WATER BAGS to secure the cover. Do not pull the cover tight over the pool's air pillow. Do not use cement blocks, bricks or stones to secure the cover, as they will cause damage to the pool liner if they should be dragged into the pool.
  19. Excessive water must be removed from the cover. You can use an electric cover pump, or another means of siphoning excess water. NOTE: If the cover is not properly maintained, it can damage the cover and/or the pool.

You have made a substantial investment in your pool and we are committed to assisting you in protecting this large investment. For those of you who don't have the time or knowledge, SwimKing provides a complete pool winterizing service. Prices depend on pool size and your community location. All work should be scheduled as early as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to call 845-336-7946 or email us at service@swimkingpools.com. Remember, at SwimKing our customers become our friends.

We at SWIMKING are committed to offering you the FINEST QUALITY POOL CHEMICALS at the most REASONABLE PRICES.