Fiberglass is a strong, lightweight material that is constructed by weaving small glass threads into a fabric and hardening the fabric with a special polyester resin. A smooth finish is made by adding weather-resistant gel. Our fiberglass pools are from Latham Pools. While we have access to their entire line of fiberglass pools, we favor their Northeast Program to save on freight costs. This line offers both rectangular and freeform designs.

Because they are so smooth, fiberglass pools are more resistant to algae formation and maintain more stable pH levels. Another bonus is that fiberglass pools never require resurfacing or liner replacement. But perhaps the greatest advantage to fiberglass pools is the installation time. Depending on excavation and electrical scheduling, fiberglass pools can often be installed in a matter of days.

As a top Latham Pools dealer, SwimKing Pools & Spas is able to offer you both G2 and G3 finishes in your new fiberglass pool.

Many of our fiberglass pool models include features such as steps and benches, and you can even have a Spa in your new fiberglass pool. Talk to us about options like auto cover, water features, lighting, and more.