Gunite is essentially the same thing as concrete, the only difference being in the application process. Gunite is applied through a hose using compressed air. This high velocity application ensures the gunite sticks wherever it is applied. In the case of an in-ground pool it is applied over a re-bar frame. The characteristics of gunite make it the perfect material and process for building swimming pools. It allows a variety of shapes and designs without the use of extensive form work. Along with being incredibly durable, gunite pools can be finished in a multitude of shades and textures to suit the homeowners personal tastes or existing landscape.

The complexity of the application makes it more difficult to achieve a good looking and durable finished result, so be sure your installer is trained and experienced.

Customizations are virtually limitless with gunite pools, so talk to us about spas, auto covers, water features, lighting, wading pools, custom steps, benches, sun ledges and more.