Discover the Beauty & Fun of an In Ground Pool for your Staycation!

Installing an In-ground swimming pool in your backyard will change the entire family dynamic of outdoor entertainment! Whether you are a full time or weekend resident, installing an in-ground pool turns your backyard into a retreat. Imagine having the luxury of resort type amenities, with virtually zero maintenance right outside your back door. Long day at work? Come home, throw on your suit and take a relaxing swim.

A Pool Encourages Outdoor Exercise

Are the kids bored and burying their heads in electronic devices? Install an inground pool and create hours of fun in the sun while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Getting away from the Big City for the weekend? Nothing creates a relaxing weekend retreat better than lounging around an In Ground Swimming Pool! Family gatherings will get taken to an entirely new level, with the In Ground Pool being the focal point for family entertainment.

The BBQ is hot, the sun is shining, and your family is smiling, spending quality time together creating memories that last a lifetime! That’s what you can enjoy when you have SwimKing install a great new swimming pool for you! Call (845) 336-7946 now!

In-Ground Graphex Pools:

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Vinyl lined inground swimming pool walls come in a variety of materials. SwimKing is Privileged to hold an Exclusive Area Territory for Latham Pool Products Graphex Pools by Pacific Pools, and we are recognized as a “Showcase Pool Builder” by Latham Pool Products.

Unlike Steel and Polymer In-Ground Swimming Pools, not every dealer can offer the exclusive Graphex Pool Wall. Latham pool products hand selects pool builders from around the country to become members of its Showcase Builder Program. A Showcase Builder must have an excellent reputation in their respective area for building exceptional swimming pools, and SwimKing was proud to be awarded the Graphex Dealership in Ulster County and the Hudson Valley area!

Graphex is not a straight polymer pool wall, but a polymer composite mix. The Graphex Pool Wall is 100% Corrosion Resistant, equally as strong as steel, and can withstand the extreme temperature changes our area has to deal with. Graphex offers the latest technology, the greatest durability, and the most complete palette of shapes and sizes the industry has to offer!

Why Graphex over Steel or Polymer:

There is nothing wrong with a Steel Wall Inground Swimming Pool, they’ve been used in this area for many years and we continue to offer a steel wall through Latham Pool Products. The problem that exists today with a steel wall is most new pools use salt water technology and this can become very corrosive on a steel wall pool. Polymer/Resin or plastic wall pools are another option available to SwimKing, but we choose not to work with straight polymer. Polymer pool walls are not as strong as steel, have a tendency to crack, and have a hard time handling the extreme temperature changes that the northeast can dish out.

In Ground Vinyl Liners:

Latham Graphex Swimming Pools in Kingston NY, Ulster County, Hudson Valley
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No matter what type of In-Ground Swimming Pool you choose from SwimKing, we use the thickest 27 mill residential vinyl liners, the thickest Latham Pool Products has to offer. With a wide variety of patterns and designs, we are certain you will find something to fit your taste!

Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools:

Latham Fiberglass In Ground Swimming Pools in Kingston NY, Ulster County, Hudson Valley
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SwimKing is also a Proud Distributor of Latham Pool Products Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools. Choosing a Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pool is more than creating a place for swimming and fun. It is a solid investment in your property and its value, and a delightful long-term addition to your lifestyle.

The smooth, easy-to-clean surface inhibits algae growth, requiring less cleaning and scrubbing with harsh chemicals. For about 30 minutes of upkeep a month, you can enjoy a backyard oasis that’s truly rejuvenating!

Now Featuring Gunite Pools!

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SwimKing now offers Gunite inground swimming pools. Gunite pools feature nearly limitless design options because they're built right on-site and customized to your specifications. It's your pool with your design!

Gunite pools are constructed from a hard shell mixture of cement and sand, providing a more durable structure and longer lifespan than virtually any other pool construction method. SwimKing applies the Gunite mixture using a specialized spray gun, building a strong base into your chosen design to fit any size or space.

Gunite can also be used for other permanent backyard fixtures such as hot tubs and spas. Our Gunite pools are available with a wide variety of colored plaster finishes and tile borders. Talk to one of the experts at SwimKing Pools & Spas today!

In Ground Pool Accessories

Seamless Home & Backyard Integration

1 touch access to all pool controls from an easy to use mobile app. Control lights, pump heater & more. Even have Alexa control your pool!

Automatic Pool Cover

A Coverstar® safety cover from Latham Pools is the strongest way to safeguard your pool. Automatic pool safety cover that works with the push of a button.

Water Features

Dramatic visual and acoustic effects with stunning results using Hayward Water Features like Deck Jets, Sheers, Bubblers, and Laminars.